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Strawberry Fields aims at providing education, which instills values, enables students to explore their surroundings and learn through fun and play.

Combining the traditional Montessori method with the more interactive participatory approach, the curriculum and methodology is designed to ensure that the child adds value to his growth - each moment, each day.

"Learning can be fun" translates to factual reality where the child, through music, dramatic play, story telling, group activity, communication, creative and visual imagery and the introduction to the 3 R's develops confidence, self esteem and a 'yearning for learning'. In an informal setting, focus is on play, spontaneity and on an elimination of everything, which could condition or regiment the child's perspective.
The emphasis is on all-round development, which encompasses emotional and social development, gross and fine motor skills, language development and academic skills.

Teachers are friend, confidante, guide and counsellor to each of their students. Since class composition is small, interactive communication and personal attention are available to each child. With assistants as back up support and special teachers for music, games and sports, school time is well planned. The sprawling green lawns, a child friendly play area, a splash pool and a library for children make the child's three and a half hours a veritable treat.

IPlease click to enlargen the 2 to 5 years age group, Strawberry Fields has 3 classes - the Play Class (which is for two and a half hours), Nursery and Lower Kindergarten. There is no stress on rote learning. Readiness for literacy and numerical skills is gradually created. At all times the individual child's pace of development is respected.

Mr. Atul Khanna is the Director of the School. Along with a dedicated, caring staff and helpers, the transition from home to school is made as smooth as possible.

Following are some of the activities offered by the school:Please click to enlarge

Music: To develop a musical ear and appreciate music, the school has regular singing. Two pianos are used for this purpose.

Story Telling: Pupils are encouraged to be imaginative and learn values through story telling session. This also helps them to comprehend in Please click to enlargeEnglish and Hindi.

Water Play: A splash pool allows children to indulge in lots of fun activities in the warm months.

The Learning Centre: The school has a learning centre which oPlease click to enlargerganizes computer and multi-media sessions for children. It has a vast collection of interactive compact discs.

Fridays are "occupational activity days" where children come in civil clothes. Gardening, painting and working with clay, etc., it is their day to experiment with nature's bounty.

Library: Please click to enlargeApart from offering a vast collection of comprehensive books for the young students, the school also encourages the faculty and the parents to use the Library. This facilitates parents to participate in their child's growing years and open the wonderful world of books to their children.

  • Communication
  • The school organizes an orientation session at the beginning of each academic year. Circulars are sent on a regular basis. Parent teacher meetings are scheduled four times a year. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their children's development and growth and sharing special interests and talents.

    • Counsellor
    The school has a counsellor (educational and behavioural) who works in tandem with teachers, students and parents to ensure balanced growth as also help students maximise their potential.

    • Parental Involvement

    Parental participation is encouraged in a big way. Orientation programmes are held regularly to create awareness among parents and to highlight the important role they play in their developing child. Parents are encouraged to visit classroom with prior permission. Teachers appreciate parents participation with a special project, reading a story, telling about a family tradition, preparing a snack or sharing special interests and talents.


    Please click to enlargeFun and games are fundamental to the learning process that involves little children. To inculcate in them a spirit of confidence, participation and sportsmanship, the schools offers a range of indoor and outdoor games. The school also holds an Annual Sports Meet in December, around Christmas time.

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